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How much have we raised so far?

Since our foundation in 2008/9 we have raised approximately £8500

A very successful fund-raising evening was held in the Church in June 2013 when the ‘Upper Octave’ brought their programme of Songs ‘From Bizet to Broadway’ to an enthusiastic audience.

What have we spent it on?

We have spent some £4,500 on several projects and have £4000 in the bank.    We paid for curing a damp patch, for some new heaters, for a large curtain across the entrance into the tower to stop drafts and for reports and designs for a kitchen and toilet.

Our major item of expenditure was for a report and survey of our wall paintings which was undertaken by Andrea Kirkham at a cost of £1500.  She also identified a serious damp problem.   The wall paintings are of national importance and to properly conserve them and cure the damp, we are looking to raise a minimum of £80,000.   We hope that the Lottery might help us.

What further work do we want to do?

Our next three fundraising objectives are:

  • Installing a basic kitchen to make catering for events possible.  Currently there isn’t even a tap.
  • Installing loos, again so that we can use the Church for a wider range of activities.
  • Raising the money to restore the wall paintings and cure the damp.